We are Brize, a group of passionate people who believe that in today's world, country borders and age don’t matter anymore. We work with small and big clients from all around the world to make their growth ambitions become a reality.
Working with the best talents

We have 9 years of experience in strategic and creative ideation and execution

Ideation sessions
Proven contemporary and up-to-date Growth Hacking strategies
Analysis of current activities in market to inform potential growth hacking activities
Event planning & execution
Large 24 hour hackathons designed for 500+ people
Smaller, customised in-house innovation hackathon sessions
Design & Development
Beautiful, responsive and contemporary design & illustrations
Fast and reliable developments on a number of platforms
Jesse van Doren
Our goal is to find the world’s brightest talents, learn faster than anyone else in the industry and transform complexity into simplicity.
Jesse van Doren Founder
We understand that if we want to provide the best service for our customers, we need to be flexible. This means that we don’t just rely on a permanent team, that has just one set of expertise, to deliver high-quality work, quickly. At Brize, we created a growth-oriented mix. We encourage diversity within our internal growth team, while having the capability of working with the best experts and partners on a global level.

Our team is vibrant and fluid, consisting of specialists chosen specifically for each project.

We are capable of working on the highest level in the fields of technology and innovation, expanding our knowledge by gathering expertise across multiple sectors. We pride ourselves on our reputation in adapting to our clients’ goals, objectives and target market. Regardless of industry or project, we work with our clients closely to provide successful results.

This is what makes Brize different

We care about all things related to the growth of your business

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