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What we have done for Channext

Channext is SaaS platform that gives clear insights to companies how their resellers are using marketing and how their clients are going through the marketing funnel. Channext gives the opportunity to resellers to make use of a general check-out system, so the possibility of losing clients in the check-out will reduce.

What we did

  • Redesign
  •   • Research
  •   • Interaction Design
  •   • Visual Design
  • Development

What was our task for Channext

Channext asked us to redesign and develop their website in a new CMS. We made a new website and made sure that the platform of Channext was clearly explained and people could easily request a free demo on their website.

The catch?

The brainstorming, first sketches of the website, site structure, visual designs, development and testing had to be done within one month.
The catch

The start

We created a new website from A to Z. We started of with a creative meeting to find out what Channext want to communicate to their website visitors. After we made a flowchart to determine the structure of the website, we started creating wireframes.


After digitizing and testing the wireframes, we visualized them. During the creation of the visuals, it was important to make use of the existing style guideline of Channext. However, we were able to use this style guideline as we wanted, so we created primary and secundary colors, which we used for background colors and call to action buttons on the website.


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