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Charlies Travels

What we have done for Charlies Travels

Halfway of 2018, Charlies Travels approached us to work together on their new website. They had multiple desires concerning a new digital presence.

Charlies Travels is a Dutch travel agency based in Nairobi, Kenya. They offer personal made Africa travels.

What we did

  • Redesign
  •   • Visual style
  •   • New blog filtering
  •   • Africa Inside Out
  •   • Travel stories

  • Marketing
  •   • Google Adwords
  •   • Social Media campaigns
  •   • Landingspages
  •   • E-mail funnels

The biggest wish of Charlies Travels was to improve the user experience of the website.
This means the interaction design and the visual style.

We started of with interviewing Charlies Travels, to find out what their wishes were for the website. What do they want to communicate to their clients? What is the feeling they want to create? After we gained insights we started sketching multiple wireframes and tested them on usability with paper-prototypes.


After testing and finishing the interaction design, we took their old styleguide and we started to paint it over. We made more difference in primairy, secundairy and tertiairy colours, so the website visitor can see a clear difference between multiple CTA's.

Also we used small variations in shadows, so the website looks more alive.


New blogfilter

Charlies Travels is producing a tremendous amount of content. In the first place they are doing this to give the vistors information about traveling in Africa, but this it is also a benefit to be found in search engines. They asked us to make a clear filtering system, so the visitors are able to find the content they are searching for.

New Blogfilter
Africa Inside Out

Africa Inside Out

Charles, the founder of Charlies Travels, is making a one-year-journey, with a filmcrew and copywriters, through Africa to explore new traveling routes. They are filming and writing blogs about this journey.

We have made a new page on their website where the video and textual content is combined per country and per chapter.


Travel Stories

Charlies Travels isn't just a "normal" travel agency. No, they have that little bit extra, the +1. Their main USP is the personal contact with clients, before, during and after their trip. Their clients are able to to keep track of a blog on the website. We build this complete blogging system where clients can make an account via Google or Facebook, follow each other, share their stories and like stories.

Travel Stories


Besides all the designwork, we have done many marketing tasks for Charlies Travels. We started working with Google Adwords, Facebook ads, integrated a chat on their website, made landingspages in Unbounce, did A/B tests to see which textual and visual approach worked best to get new leads. Beside of that we implemented marketing automation funnels.

This has lead to new leads, a better insight where leads are coming from and a bigger brand awareness.


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