What we do


At Brize, we care about building stunning tech related things that produce results. From responsive websites and customer-centric applications to eye-catching illustrations and working IoT prototypes, there isn’t anything that holds us back from achieving growth.

How we produce stunning results

We incorporate the latest technologies into the most beautiful designs.

How we build

With consumers in mind, we fructify unique user experiences that will positively impact the way your visitors look at your brand/business.

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We create dynamic and contemporary designs that are tailored to the guidelines of our clients.

With a focus on simplicity, we help brands clarify and elevate the customer experience through a deep understanding of our audience's makeup and motivations.

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Mobile app

We design and develop mobile apps that have stunning visuals, while keeping in mind customers and their UX.
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IoT Prototype

Together with our IoT partners, we promote the growth of IoT innovation within businesses in the Netherlands. Using agile methodology, we can create minimum viable products within weeks. We do this for government organisations, non-profit organisations and businesses ranging from small startups to big corporations.
Some workshops we offer include
Sensor technology Connectivity Big data
Security applications System integration IoT platforms
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We create engaging and innovative designs that reflect our client’s public brand image.

We stay true to your style guidelines and work quickly

We pay attention to detail to our clients' unique requirements and guidelines. Even under tight deadlines, we embrace our out-of-the-box innovative approach to create impeccable solutions.


A strong process and close communication helps us to produce the best possible work

Ideation phase where we discuss strategy and why you want it.
Define minimum viable product requirements.
Make initial sketches of the concept (wireframes).
We deliver three styles of other concepts that you can choose from.
We make the first design based on the concept style.
Based on the feedback, we make an iteration in the style.

We develop designs that are responsive across multiple platforms.

Design and Development will work together on the product.

Delivery isn’t the end of our process

We manage the technical development of the designs, while ensuring that Search Engine Optimisation and growth hacking principles have been incorporated in the final product.

We set up regular communication to ensure that our work is delivering on its planned objectives.
We analyse the behavior of your visitors and optimise our designs for the best results.
We test various growth hacking strategies to help your website gain more traction.

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We would love to hear more about your upcoming project and discuss how we can work together.
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