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We believe creativity and the process of ideation are the initial steps that spark innovation in a developing business. We want to create that spark for you.

Stay ahead of your competitors

We believe that the combination of innovation and strategy are the key elements for a succesful business.

The ideation phase

Incremental innovation is often difficult to implement within a business. We can support you with the creation of new innovative ideas to help you stay ahead of the competition and make your organisation future-proof.

What is the ideation phase?

Ideation is the creative process of generating, developing, and communicating new ideas. It often starts with a problem that needs to be solved. Therefore it’s important to define the problem and understand the context, such as customer needs, market environment, competitors in the industry, budget constraints and more. Ideas and the act of ideating can come from multiple sources, like customers, social media, surveys, brainstorm sessions, managers, employees or other shareholders.
We think about
Business issues Customer needs market trends competitor activites
Achieveable Goals budget constraints Impactful actions Measurable indicators

How can we help you?

We organise (in-house) events, brainstorm sessions and co-creation sessions together with you. We try to generate out of the box ideas, together with you, and give your company a fresh new boost of energy.

How can we assist you with a good strategy?

Linking new innovative ideas to the right strategy is essential for a successful business. Everything you do, you do for a reason.

Our strategic approach

To create a successful online strategy you have to create clear definitions and make choices. For example, it has to be clear what your online goals are, who you want to reach and what consequences this has for your organisation. Your money and time are too precious to leave it to chance. Brize can help you with the creation of the right online strategy. We use our experience and newest technologies to create together with you an outstanding strategy.

Stategic Ideation Process
Roll of online
Who your audience is
Online strategy
What your organisation wants

Brize established the first hackathon in the Netherlands.

We Called it World Hackathon Day After hackathons were made popular in other countries Brize brought their disruptive power to the Netherlands. Events like these allow your team members a unique opportunity to think about company growth that they might not be getting in their daily activities. View the project

A few workshops, events, and hackathons that we currently offer to companies

  1. Design thinking
  2. Lean startup & scrum
  3. Learn Growth Hacking in 1-Day
  4. Growth Hacking for startups
  5. Growth Hacking for SME's
  6. Growth Hacking for Corporates
  7. Growth Hacking for Turn Arounds
  8. Measuring Big Data
  9. IoT Basics

Workshops are a great way to help members of your team think differently about opportunities for company growth.

Brize will organize and facilitate these events, giving your company the innovation boost it needs. Book a workshop
Larger events
  1. Company Wide Innovation Half-Day
  2. Company Wide Innovation Day
  3. Sprint Hackathon
  4. 24-Hours Hackathon
  5. Hackathon Fest

Larger events give your company the ability to include more people by structuring the activites into a combination of breakout sessions.

Brize specializes in organizing activities that are all inclusive while still remaining productive for everone. Book a larger event

Let’s talk about how Brize can help your team with ideation

We’ll create a workshop tailored specifically to your company’s needs.
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