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How MisterGreen benefited from structured processes

Leading the change in electric automotive leasing

MisterGreen, the Netherlands' leading electric vehicle lease company, reached a new level of success using growth hacking, generating 800% more leads without hiring new employees.

800 %
More leads in less than a year
45 Days
It used to take 45 days for a potential customer to commit to the service. Using elaborate and personalised email funnels, we’ve optimised the funnel to make leads convert more quickly.

Founded in 2008, Mark and Florian wanted to create the greenest and fastest growing electric vehicle leasing company in the Netherlands.

Initially, MisterGreen used traditional forms of marketing to grow their business, but soon they realised it wasn’t working. Their target market was enthusiastic about tech and needed to be approached in a different way. When they began using growth hacking strategies, their leads doubled and within the next year their lead generation increased by 800%.
Tesla Model S

Their challenges

As a relative startup, MisterGreen had many goals but little budget. They wanted fast results through viral video marketing, an email funnel, a nice website, content creation, etc. They had problems with raising capital for their cars and creating viable leads. Their goals were too broad and often lost focus of the main picture. We helped them create a One Metric That Matters (OMTM) that we optimised monthly.

How we started

We began setting up measurement systems (like Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics and Hotjar) and made sure they were functioning correctly. We designed and A/B tested landing pages on Unbounce and held workshops for MisterGreen’s internal team on growth hacking principles so they understood our new way of working.
Macbook Macbook
Screenshot of website
Screenshot of website

To increase customer conversion, we utilised the power of personalisation.

We researched an email marketing platform that agreed with MisterGreen’s budget and email necessities and began creating personalised email campaigns.

We continued to optimise our email campaigns so that more subscribers were interacting with our emails. We then automated these campaigns so that precious man hours were not wasted on the design and implementation. We implemented lead scoring and targeted subscribers that were more likely to convert.

Tesla's Trunk'

Other things we tried

Although there is very little usage of Bing in the Netherlands, we decided to test the search engine’s advertising. We imported our top performing Google Adwords campaigns into Bing and used discount codes to make sure our test had small financial repercussions.

We tested with LinkedIn in a similar way, A/B testing with text and images on established groups and using retargeting campaigns to reach these people later.

Targeting the right audience

Facebook advertising, allowed us to find the top performing interest & hobbies, demographics and geographic locations from our ideal clients.

The pareto principle states that, ‘80% of events (sales) comes from 20% of causes (customers)’. Using Google Analytics and Facebook Ads we concentrated our efforts on the 20%. We analysed the top performing demographics, geographic regions, interests, hobbies and buying behaviours of our ideal customers and then targeted these people using highly specific and personalised advertisements.


Optimising how the internal employees work is important for MisterGreen.

To deal with the rising number of leads, MisterGreen outsourced the introductory sales calls to call centres in Sofia, Bulgaria. This loosened the pressure that was put on the internal sales team, allowing them to concentrate on tasks that created greater results.

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