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What we have done for Volareo

Volareo: The Smart Speaker with blockchain technology.

In the beginning of 2018, Volareo, a startup in the blockchain industry, approached us to work together with them and help them with setting foot on the ground in the music industry.

What we did

  • Marketing
  •   • Strategy
  •   • Facebook
  •   • Google Adwords

  • Indiegogo campaign
  •   • Visuals

Volareo is a smart speaker based on blockchain technology. It has the following features:

• It's a voice-controlled smart speaker, which makes it possible to stream media from Spotify, Youtube, Twitch, Netflix, Musicoin, Emanate and many more platforms.
• It's made to move! With 6-8 hours of battery, you can use the portable speaker everywhere.
• It's based on Android, has WiFi, Bluetooth and Wireless Charging.
• You could easily buy and spend crypto with your voice and tip musicians with crypto.


For Volareo we’ve done multiple marketing campaigns to generate visitors to their Indiegogo funding campaign. Before the Indiegogo campaign started, we have made landingpages where the target audience could leave their emailadress if interested, so we were able to keep them up to date of the development progress and when the Indiegogo campaign started.


Target audience research

Before we started building campaigns, we needed to know who the target audience was, what they are interested in, how to reach them and how we could convince them that Volareo is THE speaker they’ve been waiting on whole their lives.

Target audience research

Learning by measuring

By doing many A/B tests in our online campaigns, we we found out that Volareo was focussing on the wrong features to communicate to their target audience.

Volareo was focussing on the “Blockchain-aspect” of the speaker. Which is understandable, because it was the first speaker with blockchain technology, but the target audience wasn’t interested too much in this feature.

Learning by measuring

The right approach

The target audience was way more interested in another feature of Volareo. By communicating in advertisements that it was a voice-controlled portable speaker, way more people were interested in the product and the cost per sale decreased.

By adjusting this approach on all their social channels, promo videos and on their Indiegogo campaign, we were able to approach the target audience way better.

The right approach

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