World Hackathon Day

About the World Hackathon Day

On the second and third of May 2014, the World Hackathon Day brought together more than 500 youngsters from all around the world. In this 24 hour hackathon, the brightest young minds came together to hack new ways of making the world a better place to live in.

Media outlets

In December 2013, Jesse van Doren, founder of Brize, came together with two other entrepreneurs to establish a new online community called 'Tomorrow'.

The Tomorrow Community gives its members the opportunity to help, inspire and work together on amazing projects that will make an impact on the world.

The community comprises of young entrepreneurs, leading Venture Capitals, early stage startups, educational institutions, angel investors and big (media) corporations like Google, KPMG and Microsoft.

This community got so much support from leading companies all over the world that the three youngsters decided to make a World Hackathon Day.

Our task

The goal of the event

The main goal of the World Hackathon Day was to gather the world’s brightest talents to solve global problems and showcase what youngsters are able to do at such a young age. This would make youngsters go viral all around the world.

Prior to the event, more than 40 global companies submitted interesting problems that they wished to be solved. The participants came together into small groups and were given a problem to solve by ING, D-reizen and Amnesty International.

Great initiative! It’s amazing what the youngsters of today show for entrepreneurship and all they can achieve.
World Hackathon Day
World Hackathon Day
World Hackathon Day


Besides the Netherlands, the event also took place in five other countries. Countries like India, Israel, Germany, South Africa and Morocco held their events in places like the Google Campus (Tel Aviv) and there was a live Google Hangout connection for worldwide coverage.

Their solution varied from viral web applications, infographics, videos, mobile apps and social campaigns designed to promote interesting sides of youngsters throughout the world.

Participating in a hackathon is more informative than reading ten books or going to twenty readings. You experience yourself how it is to create something and that is by far the best way to be introduced to programming and innovating.
Extensive media coverage
Over 150 media outlets covered the events of World Hackathon Day.
Numerous partners
Several companies signed on to help put on the event.
A well laid out space
In Amsterdam, the even space was divided into war rooms, meeting, and conference spaces.
Event's results'

The results

The World Hackathon Day became a great success. While we expected fifty participants, more than five hundred showed up. More than 150 media outlets covered the event ranging from radio, magazines, newspaper outlets to online blogs.

A vast amount of solutions were created and varied from viral web applications, infographics, videos, mobile applications and social campaigns that promoted the role of youngsters throughout the world.

The World Hackathon Day won three awards, showing the capabilities of youngsters today and their proficiency in adapting and working with other young people from all over the world.

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